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I love giving talks, interviews, and writing articles on depth psychology and astrology. Enjoy these offerings below. If you would like to have me speak at your next event or podcast, please reach out 🦋

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In this conversation about the psychopomp (a guide of souls after death), we explore the value of the psychopomp function and its correlations to healing, the Dark Feminine, and the need for emotional support through difficult times. I was honored to have this conversation with Angelia Santiago on her podcast Ancestors Mama in August 2023.

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Embracing the Darkness: A Deep Dive into Spirituality, Psychotherapy, and Symbolism with Shawna McGrath

"Our quest for understanding the essence of our existence and finding purpose often leads us to different paths. One such fascinating journey lies in the realms of spirituality, psychotherapy, and mythology. In a recent podcast episode, we had the pleasure of conversing with Shawna McGrath, a renowned psychotherapist, and astrologer, who provided us with an enlightening exploration of the psychopomp function and other profound concepts..."

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The Psychopomp Function

My masters thesis in counseling and depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The Psychopomp Function provides a new perspective for psychotherapists and an alternate frame to our identification with the wounded healer archetype. 



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