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FAQs & Policies

I offer Depth Psychotherapy as well as Astrology Readings and Single-Session Therapy to those seeking healing, personal growth, insight, and deep meaning in life. Below are frequently asked questions about what to expect, and my policies.

My Approach

My approach is grounded in my studies as well as my own personal experiences in depth psychotherapy, astrology, tarot, and divination. Clients have described my work as empathetic, intuitive, compassionate, and nonjudgemental.

My psychological framework is rooted in depth psychology, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, Jungian dreamwork, humanistic, attachment-based, emotionally focused therapy, and archetypal psychology.

In my astrological framework, I draw from a blend of contemporary and ancient astrology traditions (Hellenistic, Traditional, Psychological, & Archetypal Astrology). I use the tropical zodiac and the Whole Sign House system. I'm happy to use other house systems (Placidus, Koch, etc.) based on your preference.

Overall, my intention is to accompany you on your life's path. Together we work through challenges so you can leave with more clarity, insight, and empowerment.


I'm typically available within 1-3 weeks. Please email me at to ask my next availability and let me know the days/times that work best for you.


Depth psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes every week on a regular day & time that's set aside for you. We meet every week without interruption, except for holidays. Depth psychotherapy is a journey that builds over time; your healing process gains momentum with consistency. 

The option of having sessions more often (multiple times per week) may be available for those seeking an intensive therapy experience. 

Zoom Meetings

All sessions are 50 minutes via Zoom. I will send you a private Zoom link before our first session. Please use this personal ID meeting for all of our sessions together.

Please plan to be in a quiet and confidential space, where you can speak freely without distractions.


All information you share with me as well as our working relationship will be kept strictly confidential. By law, however, confidentiality is not guaranteed in life-threatening situations involving yourself or others, or in situations in which children, elders, or dependent adults are put at risk for abuse. If I need to discuss your treatment with my supervisor, I will take pains to disguise identifying information.


For one-time or single sessions, once we set your appointment, I will send you an invoice through Square to pay prior to the session.

For ongoing depth psychotherapy, I will send you an invoice at the end of each month through Square. Payment is due by the next session. If you would like to speak with me between our sessions (other than for scheduling purposes) you may contact me through phone or email, and I will pro-rate our time together and add it to the invoice.

Time Zone

I schedule all sessions in Pacific Time, USA. You will need to convert to your time zone.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please notify me at least 24-hours prior to the session. I charge my full fee for missed or rescheduled sessions without such notification, for any reason. This includes illness and miscalculations of time zone differences. Please let me know if you are running more than five minutes late.


You may contact me by leaving a voicemail message at any time. I will return your call as soon as possible. I return non-urgent calls and emails on the weekends the following Monday.

Sessions over Zoom

On occasion, the internet may be slow or unavailable in which case we will need to use the phone for our session. If at any time you feel there is a problem with seeing each other via Zoom, please let me know in our session together and we will come up with a solution.


If you are having a psychological emergency, contact the following crisis service: Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (national, 24/7): call or text 988.

Vacation time and sick days

I will email you to let you know my time away from the office. When I need to take sick days, I will message you as soon as I know.

Informed consent

By engaging in services, you affirm that you have read all the information here and agree to the stated conditions.

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