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I offer Astrology Readings and Life Coaching to those seeking clarity and deeper meaning in life.

Below are frequently asked questions about what to expect and my policies.

What to Expect from an Astrology Reading

Sessions are about deeply exploring your unique astrological signature for greater insight and awareness about your Self, as well as cultivating your capacity for personal self-development.

Sessions incorporate astrology based on your needs and challenges at the moment. My approach is person-centered. This means that we go into anything you want in your Session.

Email me to schedule your appointment:

What to Expect from Life Coaching

I offer Life Coaching to those of you (individuals and couples) who would like to receive my support through a challenging situation or phase of life. Life Coaching is deeply transformative when you are ready to invoke change in your life now.

Life Coaching is about cultivating your capacity for personal self-development, inner awareness, and deep reflection on your inner-outer patterns.

We go into anything you want: future, past, relationships, career, family, finances, etc.

To get started, please contact me to book your initial session. At the first session, we'll discuss your goals, create an intention for this healing process, and perform an astrological divination to get more insight into the nature of your healing journey.

At the first session, we'll also set a regular day and time that works for you each week. This day/time consistency is important to maintain the psychic container and momentum of the process. After that, sessions are paid upfront monthly and you can cancel anytime.

I would be honored to hold space for you at this time in your spiritual transformation.

If you have any questions, please email me at

My Approach

My approach is grounded in my studies in astrology and depth psychology. Clients have described my work as empathetic, intuitive, compassionate, and nonjudgemental.

I draw from a blend of contemporary and ancient astrology traditions in western astrology (Hellenistic, Traditional, Psychological, & Archetypal Astrology).

My approach is informed by my studies in psychology to help you work through challenges so you can leave the session with more clarity, insight, and empowerment.

I use the tropical zodiac and the Whole Sign House system. I'm happy to use other house systems (Placidus, Koch, etc.) based on your preference.

My Availability

I'm typically available within 1-3 weeks. Please email me at shawna@theastropsyche to ask my next availability and let me know the days/times that work best for you.

For Life Coaching, we'll book a day and time for your initial session. At the first session, we'll set a regular day and time that works for you each week. This day/time consistency is important to maintain the psychic container and momentum of the process.

Payment Policy

I ask for payment in full after scheduling your appointment because I reserve that time especially for you.

Life Coaching sessions are paid upfront monthly, and you can cancel any time.

I accept Paypal or Venmo.

I ask for at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

How to Prepare

All sessions are via Zoom. Please plan to be in a quiet and confidential space, where you can speak freely without distractions.

The more you share, the more your chart opens up for me. Also, I love questions! When you ask questions it helps me connect more deeply with you and the symbolic patterns happening in your life.


All information you share with me as well as our working relationship will be kept strictly confidential.

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