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Jupiter in Gemini 🌟♊️

Jupiter in Gemini ♊️! The planet of growth, optimism, reframing, and synchronicity ✨

Jupiter is in Gemini from:

May 25, 2024 thru June 9, 2025

The last time Jupiter was in Gemini was:

June 11, 2012 thru June 25, 2013

We can look back at 2012-2013 to see what was happening years ago when Jupiter was in this place. What was activated, what was your experience, what was happening around you?

There’s a sense of returning to the archetypal symbolic themes of that period of time - we get to reclaim and reimagine that time.

And, there’s also a theme of culmination - one cycle is ending and a new one beginning.

Wishing you ease and grace thru the process 💜

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