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The Psychopomp Function:

Correlations Between Psychotherapists and Mythic Figures Who Guide Souls After Death

The Psychopomp Function provides a new perspective for psychotherapists and an alternate frame to our identification with the wounded healer archetype. 

Come explore how the role of depth psychotherapists symbolically correlates to the role of the psychopomp (a guide of souls after death).

Presenting a cross-cultural examination of mythic figures who guide death-departed souls to the otherworld and how their function correlates to the work of the depth psychotherapist.

In addition you'll learn how depth psychotherapists naturally invoke the psychopomp function in their work.

This book is a complete and unmodified version of the thesis for my masters degree in counseling psychology.

In publishing my thesis, my intention is to share the concept of the psychopomp function with my broader community. I hope you enjoy!



The Psychopomp Function: Services
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