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Reiki & Deeksha

Relax and recharge mentally, physically & spiritually.  In a Reiki & Deeksha session, you can clear negative energy blocks to manifest better relationships, health, wealth, and spiritual growth.  We'll identify unconscious patterns that are preventing your happiness.

Each session incorporates Deeksha and Reiki. Both modalities are a form of channeling energy. Reiki is focused on physical and emotional healing while Deeksha’s main intention is to begin a conscious process towards spiritual awakening.

My approach is informed by my studies in counseling psychology and my nature as an intuitive/feeling person. My style is compassionate, empathetic, humanistic, and person-centered.

Reiki and Deeksha Sessions are $127 for 1 hour via Zoom

I would love to connect with you!

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Reiki & Deeksha: Welcome
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