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Depth Psychological Astrology: learn the symbolic language of psyche

Learn how to read an astrology chart from a depth psychological perspective. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about interpreting this symbolic language of psyche (soul). You’ll also cultivate a depth psychological perspective that will continue to deep your astrological studies over time, as well as you relationship with your Self and others.

  • Gain proficiency in reading birth charts, transits, and progressions

  • Cultivate a deep and psychological understanding of the meanings of planets, signs, houses, and aspects

  • Learn to synthesize the multiple components of an astrology chart, and offer a meaningful interpretation

  • Understand how an astrology chart reveals insights into one’s feelings, thoughts, behavior, beliefs, and relationship dynamics

  • Develop the skills to work with astrology as an accompaniment toward greater fulfillment in relationships, personal development, spiritual development, career, finances, health, and any other area of life

Includes assigned readings and practice assignments to further your learning, knowledge, and personal development.

Depth Psychological Astrology: learn the symbolic language of psyche

12-week Course

Tuesdays at 6pm - 8pm PT via Zoom

from January 16th - April 2nd

Early bird price: $360

(regular price is $540 after 12/31)

This course will be held live and you'll receive access to the recording to listen back later because it's a lot of information. There are a limited number of spots available for the live course. Register now for both live attendance and the recording.

If you resonate with this approach to astrology and are interested in learning more, I would be honored to have you join me 🌟

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Course for Healers:
the Psychopomp Function

7 week course
upcoming in 2024

Course for Healers is an in-depth journey into the symbolism and mythology of psychopomps (mythic figures who benevolently guide souls after death) from a depth psychological perspective. We'll explore a variety of specific psychopomp figures and you'll learn how this phenomenon can bring new life to our work as healers.

A Course for Healers offers an immersive experience into the new pathway to recover from burnout, cultivate loving boundaries, and live from a place of abundance while doing the work you love. This course is for therapists, counselors, astrologers, spiritual practitioners, caregivers, teachers, and anyone doing helping healing work or holding space for others.

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Counseling Skills for Astrologers
& Spiritual Practitioners

7 week course
upcoming in 2024

In Counseling Skills for Astrologers & Spiritual Practitioners, you'll learn important counseling skills that will transform your work with clients, develop your unique voice as a practitioner in the healing arts, and become knowledgeable on how to handle challenging ethical scenarios.

This course is for astrologers, tarot readers, coaches, psychics, spiritual mediums, reiki practitioners, and anyone offering healing services in their community. This course is for those who are just starting out as well as seasoned practitioners who want to deepen their healing practice.

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