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I'm honored to offer depth psychotherapy to those seeking healing, personal growth, insight, and deeper meaning in life

Depth psychotherapy is a process of moving deeper into your inner world. In depth psychotherapy, we work through challenging situations and patterns of behavior to allow new life & growth to emerge over time.

This means that we are exploring who you are and what your psyche is expressing by talking about your emotions, thoughts, desires, fantasies, dreams, and synchronicities. I'm happy to incorporate your astrology birth chart and transits into this process as much as you like (or not at all).

There are many situations that bring folks into psychotherapy with me:

  • Troubling experiences of disconnection from yourself marked by depression, anxiety, confusion, grief, or simply a generalized feeling that something is "off" or missing in life

  • Individuals or couples experiencing relationship difficulties of all kinds, feeling a lack of emotional intimacy in your relationship, painful patterns in romantic relationships, trouble maintaining relationships, feeling disconnected and alone in the world, or challenges around sexuality & sensuality​.

  • Self-esteem, self-worth, & confidence challenges, or questions around your identity and sense of Self

  • Neurodivergent affirming therapy for folks who experience sensory or social challenges in daily life. This may include folks who identify as autistic, ADHDers, neurodivergent, highly sensitive person (HSPs), or empaths - or those who simply feel overwhelmed by the sensory and social demands of everyday life.

  • Caregivers and those working in helping, healing, or therapeutic professions seeking their own self-care, emotional support, or help managing burnout

  • Nonjudgemental support to help you integrate psychic, intuitive, or mystical experiences you've had thru spiritual practices, meditation, ritual, or other altered states of consciousness

  • Major life transitions involving one's identity (physical, roles, gender, sexuality, etc.), relationship, career, home, family, or any other initiatory or transitional event

  • Astrological counseling to psychologically understand yourself via your birthchart and transits, if you'd like to to process what's happening in your life at an archetypal level, and open new ways of dealing with challenging situations

  • Personal growth, self-actualization, individuation, and deepening into the meaning of one's life

  • Anything else that needs attention & care

My approach is relational, empathetic, nonjudgemental, and intuitive.

I work from theoretical frameworks that value the relational, humanistic, and spiritual aspects of life. This includes: psychodynamic &  psychoanalytic therapy, Jungian dreamwork, existential therapy, emotionally focused therapy, attachment-based, and archetypal psychotherapy.

I am trauma informed, LGBTQ affirming, neurodivergent affirming, and committed to an ongoing practice of recognizing the complexities of individual identity and how marginalization impacts our lives personally, socially, and collectively - via identities around age, ability, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, indigenous heritage, nationality, and gender.

I'm registered as a licensed associate psychotherapist (AMFT) and work with folks from a diversity of backgrounds via zoom from the comfort of your home. I welcome folks of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual preference.

Find out more about what to expect here.

I would be honored to accompany you on your journey. Email me to schedule an initial consultation:

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Kind Words

"Shawna is an extremely deep thinker and wholehearted person. It is impossible to experience her presence without feeling her warmth, acceptance and genuine care. I highly recommend her as a clinician."

- Felicia Romano, MA, MHC

"Shawna is an incredibly intuitive and soulful therapist. She embodies a rare combination of warmth, spirituality, and clinical acumen. She is a seasoned space holder and you will feel seen, held and understood in her presence."

- Danielle Sheridan, MA, AMFT

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