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Psychotherapeutic Astrology: The Future of Astrology & Psychology

at the Astro Bash Astrology Conference

4 day astrology conference

Thurs, Sept 28 - Sun Oct 1, 2023

in Borrego Springs, California

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung in 1954  said, “obviously astrology has much to offer psychology.” Let’s discuss! In this talk we’ll explore the future of astrology in psychotherapy based on current research.  

Learn how a select few psychotherapist astrologers are quietly incorporating astrology into their clinical work; and how this may inform the future of both astrology and psychology. 

In this lecture, you will learn the therapeutic value of astrology, cultivate your own astrological counseling skills, and become knowledgeable on ethical considerations. 

Join me to envision the future of astrology and leave with practical guidance how to be a better astrologer as we move into this new age of psychotherapeutic astrology. 

This conference creates space for community and connection with like minded astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. Take in the gorgeous desert night sky, enjoy speakers such as Steven Forrest, Armand Diaz, Maurice Fernandez, and more!

I'd love to see you there!

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